Hilary Wili

Makers of unique, made to measure costumes and outfits for stage, screen, advertising, the music industry, promotions, private clients and weddings.

Hilary Wili Clothing and Costume Ltd has over
25 years experience producing a wide range of period costumes and contemporary garments.

HILARY WILI pattern making

© Maxim Northover

HILARY WILI drawers of cotton reels

© Maxim Northover

colourful cotton reels on shelf

Maxim Northover

orange cotton reels

Maxim Northover

They specialise in 20th and 21st Century men’s and women’s wear, but can work with designs from any other time period too.

It’s really important for us to be centrally located, because we’re often going in for fittings in the West End Theatres, to production companies, and rehearsal spaces. We also need to be closer so designers can come and bring fabrics and designs to us; if we were further out, they just wouldn’t come.
Hilary Wili Founder
hilary wili portrait photo black and white

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