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An unprecedented level of development is underway across the borough. Our inclusive growth agenda guides our work to secure high quality, mixed use, good jobs driven growth, with positive outcomes for all our communities.

By improving transport infrastructure, community spaces, educational attainment, labour market participation, building more housing and growing the number of businesses in the borough, we increase opportunities for both developers and local residents. There are strategic and local opportunities for development across the borough.

designated Opportunity Areas
planning applications a year

Opportunities for Development

The Greater London Authority recognises Lambeth as a growth borough and it benefits from two designated Opportunity Areas in Waterloo and Vauxhall. These areas provide the opportunity for new development to create 23,000 new jobs and 5,000 new homes.

Lambeth’s three most prominent commercial centres are South Bank & Waterloo, Vauxhall and Brixton. Lambeth is also home to Clapham, Herne Hill, Streatham, Tulse Hill and West Norwood – some of South London’s most popular residential neighbourhoods where vibrant business communities contribute greatly to their local character. 

Offering a huge variety between them, each area has a unique character that reflects its history, established community and forward trajectory.

South Bank & Waterloo – Find out more about business and development in South Bank & Waterloo.

Vauxhall – Find out more about business and development in Vauxhall.

– Find out more about business and development in Brixton.


The schemes below illustrate the development landscape in the borough.

  • Keybridge

    The Keybridge development by Mount Anvil will include the UKs tallest residential brick tower. Replacing a 15-storey building originally built in 1975 for the Post Office with five new blocks of up to 36 storeys high, the development will provide 415 homes, 100,000 sq. ft. of commercial space as well as new public spaces and a new school.

  • 8 Albert Embankment

    U+I plan on restoring the Grade II listed Lambeth Fire Station building, delivering a modern new fire station and a permanent home for the London Fire Brigade Museum. Alongside this, the wider development scheme has the potential to provide over 300 homes, flexible work space, a hotel and three new public squares with restaurants, cafés and shops.

  • Southbank Place

    The iconic Shell Centre on the South Bank is being transformed and on track for completion in 2019. Led by Canary Wharf Group, the Southbank Place development will provide over 800,000 sq ft of new office space, an additional 800,000 sq ft for residential use and 80,000 sq ft of new retail units. The well-known Shell Centre Tower will remain the centrepiece of the new site, complemented by eight new buildings, one of which will incorporate new offices and trading floors for Shell.

What our partners say?

  • Our extraordinary success would have not been possible without the strong political support of our local administration. We have embraced this partnership and delivered what remains the most exciting and innovative entrepreneurial project in the borough. – Philippe Castaing, Community Director. MakeShift (Pop Brixton)
  • Lambeth Council's support helps to unlock and catalyse opportunities to create the type of space these young businesses need. This in turn generates employment impacts, public realm improvements and increases the diversity of businesses able to operate on high streets. – Jess Tsang, Head of Operations, Meanwhile Space CIC
Lambeth has invested heavily
in its high performing schools sector

Education and Talent Base

Lambeth has invested heavily in its schools over the last two decades, transforming the performance of the education sector across the borough despite there being high levels of social deprivation. Lambeth is now home to a wide range of fantastic education institutions and programmes.

The council encourages the development community to play an active role in local employment and training projects. Developers including Canary Wharf Group, St James and Mount Anvil are leading the way in this regard.

Guiding new development

Ensuring that exceptional new development comes forward in line with the councils ambitions involves close collaboration between developers, the councils various teams and local stakeholders.

The council deals with over 6,000 planning applications a year. Major schemes can benefit from a pre-application process. This provides applicants with an opportunity to get an early idea of the feasibility of a project. A strategic planning panel also provides the opportunity to receive feedback and steer from senior officers and members, guiding scheme improvements and increasing certainty.

Future Lambeth
driving for inclusive growth
Good and outstanding schools across the borough

Meet the team

Lambeth is proud to act as a leading voice and enabler for development in central London. We manage a confluence of strategic relationships with neighbouring boroughs, statutory bodies, local partnerships and national and regional agencies.

Lambeth’s has a multidisciplinary Investment and Growth team, including regeneration leads for each area. They have a detailed knowledge base of Lambeth’s key commercial areas. By engaging a multi stakeholder environment, they work to ensure that development is inclusive and appropriate for the needs of residents and businesses.

Our Housing team has launched the biggest house-building programme in a generation, with a plan for 1,000 homes at council level rent. To achieve this, the council is building on land it owns alongside an estate rebuilding programme.

The council is also a major developer in its own right and will be seeking investors and partners who share our ambitions. In addition to our house-building programme, the council is currently seeking to progress several mixed-use development opportunities in Waterloo, Brixton and elsewhere in the borough.

The team will be happy to introduce you to the borough and the opportunities for development contributing to our drive for inclusive growth. 

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