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Maintaining our planning service during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Lambeth planning service remains open. We will continue to fulfil our statutory function of assessing and determining planning applications.

Other services, such as providing pre-application advice and progressing Planning Performance Agreements will also be maintained as far as possible given current restrictions on movement.

We are a paperless office. Officers are enabled to work from home. And despite current challenges we’re implementing a range of measures to overcome disruptions to our service. Amongst these will be a requirement for applicants to provide their own photos of sites, and use other digital means, to prevent the need for officers to visits sites themselves for the time being.

We are also looking into how key decisions that would have been taken by the Planning Applications Committee can still be progressed. We will take into account new legislation expected imminently from the Government in this regard.

We’re focussed on ensuring that Lambeth’s residents and economy can recover as quickly as possible after the current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Accordingly, although the way we operate will need to change over this period, Lambeth planning remains open for business.

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